Bidding and Closing a Deal

You can start to negotiate on a price by placing your offer. Click the "Order Match" to review the details for the negotiating party's "Order". The Live Negotiator will also appear at the top of this new page so that you can easily begin to negotiate.

At any point you can click the "Request Info." button, located on the left side of the Live Negotiator box, to request additional information from the other party to help you close any deal.

To start bidding, you may enter any price however only $, periods, commas, and numbers will be accepted. If you enter any illegal characters, your bid will appear as $0.00. You now need to enter in the "Quantity" meaning how many units of this specific product or service outlined in the "Order" that you want to buy or sell, the system will calculate the total amount.

The "Valid Until" field indicates the LATEST date and time this offer is valid, click on the "Valid Until" box to fill in the calendar.

Click the "Submit Offer" button to confirm your offer.

The corresponding user will then be given the ability to perform the same steps, depending on the actions of the first user, by clicking the "Accept Offer" or "Close Deal" buttons.

You are now given the option to put in another offer OR accept the current offer by the negotiating party and close the deal.

The "Close Deal" button will be displayed once the negotiating party (Buyer or Seller) has accepted the offer. Both parties need to accept the offer in order to close the deal.

The Buyer shall make a closed deal “Payment” directly to the Live Negotiator system upon demand in the currency of the seller, the World Bank currency exchange rate will be used to determine a locked in currency rate as of the date and time the deal is closed and payment is received for all transactions and commission payments.

Since each "Order Match" is a separate negotiable deal, once a deal is closed the specified "Quantity" amount of "Orders" and the corresponding matches will disappear from the trading floor.

To locate the deal that you have just closed, click on the "Closed Deals" option from the Order Navigator in the top portion of your trading floor (see "Closed Deal" explanation under "Main Trading Floor" Section of this help manual for further definitions).